About Us

Who We Are

TGIF Zone Inc. is a Consulting Agency for 21st Century business models and platforms based in South Africa. We are a business that conceptualizes and structures Information Technology and digitization execution strategies that engage the target audience with custom user interfaces for mediums such as computer, mobile device (smartphones and/or tablets) and print.


We specialize in creating scalable online revenue streams and finding untapped markets in Sub-Saharan African communities. Our focus is on social technology and digital anthropology.

Why Work With Us?

  • We are Marketing Technologist – In Digital Marketing we smartly apply technology to solve your marketing problems. Our Digital solutions are marketing driven solutions meant to grow your business.
  • We Plan – At TGIF Zone we understand the importance of our solutions to your business. We determine what needs to be done in order for your business to be successful.
  • We partner with you – We don’t take you as a ‘client’, when you decide to work with TGIF Zone you become our partner because we believe on building relationships.
  • Quality – We ensure quality is incorporated from inception to project closure – “Quality is planned not inspected”.
  • Integrity – Our business is built upon strong moral principles.

Hire Us?

TGIF Zone is focused on collaborating with you to create something that fits your business needs, your budget and your goals.  We are not here to change you, we are an extension of you.

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